GLA Class

A spirit of dynamism is expressed in the forward thrust of its muscular and dynamic design. The newly developed 4MATIC all-wheel-drive with a fully variable torque distribution produces even more energy and dynamic traction. Such is the character of the new GLA that sets it apart from the rest.

The new GLA is different.The first compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz blends coupé-like design roots with great everyday suitability. The leading role it plays in the compact premium all-road segment is reflected impressively in its urban lifestyle design. The new GLA unlocks new creativity in the interior. It is the first premium compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz and meets virtually any personal requirements.

The variability of the interior makes this class an extraordinary model series. Whether you’re on an urban shopping expedition or leaving the city behind for a weekend jaunt, the GLA’s 1,235 litres of cargo space is ample room for whatever gear, luggage or goods you wish to take with you. And the cargo opening, thanks to the divided taillights, is wide enough to load larger objects in and out.

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