Warranty Q & A

Warranty Q & A

Q. What is the warranty period on the new vehicle?

A. The warranty period is related to the model of the vehicle. Manufacturers are having different warranty policies and regulations. You may refer to the sales contract and warranty manual.


Q. Does the warranty cover the parts only?

A. Warranty covers the labor and the spare parts those damaged due to assembly or manufacturing defects.


Q. If I missed one or more periodic service(s), do you still repair my car under warranty?

A. The sales contract states that servicing of the vehicle on due time or mileage is a must and failing to commit your car for the service is considered a breach of the sales contract and therefore, no right to claim warranty.


Q. I do service at Silver Star Auto Ltd. and my car had an accident but the insurance company repaired it at a roadside workshop, do I still get warranty on my car?

A. It depends on the extent of the damage. Silver Star Auto Ltd. will evaluate the cause of the defective part and will take a decision after due consultation with the manufacturer.


Q. What is covered by warranty?

A. Any defect caused due to poor manufacturing or assembling of the part is covered by warranty.


Q. What is not covered by warranty?

A. Wear and tear parts such as: Brake pads, Tires, battery, belts, oils, liquids, towing, car rental, damages due to accidents and parts damaged due to unauthorized installations of accessories made to the vehicle are not covered by warranty.

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