Servicing Q & A

Servicing Q & A

Q. How often should I service my vehicle(s)?

A. Service of the vehicles is related to time and mileage. There are two types of services: Minor Service every 5,000KMs or THREE MONTHS and the Major Service is every 10,000km’s or SIX MONTHS. There are other additional services that must be done with regards to the age of the vehicle such as: Brake fluid, coolant, battery, tires, etc……


Q. Why should I do service for my car if it runs well?

A. Servicing of the car is a safety precaution to ensure the trouble free running of the vehicle over a long period of time.


Q. Why the cost of service at Silver Star is higher than roadside workshop?

A. Servicing is not only oil change and filters replacement, but a complete inspection according to the standards of the manufacturer such as; Engine tuning, Lubrication services, Safety inspection and electrical system check.

Also Silver Star Auto Limited invests in:

• Training to update the technical knowledge of our technicians

• Purchasing of approved diagnostic equipments that undergoes a monthly exclusive update through the manufacturer website to perform the proper diagnosis.

• Purchasing of high quality standard and special tools that guaranty the safety and secure removal of bolts and nuts without causing any damages.

• Purchasing and selling genuine spare parts.

Q. Do Silver Star Auto Ltd offers any services during the weekends?

A. Silver Star workshop is opened to customers on Saturdays from 9.00am to 2.00 pm for service.

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