Do's and Don'ts

Q. Ghana is a hot country, can I remove the thermostat?

A. The performance of the engine at hot condition is better and more economical; therefore thermostat is installed to warm up the engine fast when starting at cold condition. Car manufacturer do not allow the elimination for the thermostat.


Q. Can I add additives to the fuel system?

A. Silver Star Auto Ltd doesn’t recommend adding any additive to the fuel system and neither do the manufacturer.


Q. There are shops in the market to flush the engine, does Silver Star Auto Ltd. recommend the flushing?

A. Flushing of the engine might cause damage to the main bearing and other engine components. Therefore, Silver Star Auto Ltd. doesn’t recommend the flushing of the engine.


Q. Can I add the oil if a shortage is observed?

A. If the oil level is between the Min. and Max., there is no harm to drive the vehicle. If the level is below the Min. then you can add the oil of the same quality and specifications.

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