Breakdowns & General Maintenance

Breakdowns & General Maintenance

Q. What shall I do in case of a breakdown?

A. In case of breakdown, you may call our service centre on the following mobile number: 0244337524 or MTN short code 1658.


Q. As a car dealer, what does Silver Star Auto Ltd. recommend for me to observe on my car to maintain my car in a good condition?

A. Silver Star Auto Ltd. recommends regular services of the car on due time and to observe the gauges and indicators in the instrument cluster. If a yellow indicator comes on while driving, there is no harm to drive the vehicle to the workshop. If a red indicator comes on while driving, immediately pull over to the right and switch of the engine.


Q. When and how shall I check the engine oil level?

A. The vehicle must be on a Zero gradient level ground and before the first start of the engine. The oil level should be between the MIN. and MAX. on the scaled dipstick.

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