Before you start your engine...

Before you start your engine...

The following checks points should be done on a daily basis before starting the vehicle:

1. Engine oil level check.

2. Check coolant level when engine is cold and correct if necessary.

3. Ensure that the bonnet is firmly closed

4. Visual inspection of the tyres (check for abnormal wear and bulging).

5. Check the Steering Play.

6. Ensure that the gear lever is in Neutral before starting the engine.

7. Setup your seats and rear view mirrors to your convenience before you start driving.

8. Put on the seat belt and insist on other passengers to do the same.

9. Try the brakes before moving back and forth.

10. Don’t accelerate the engine after starting and before switching off.

11. Comply with traffic rules and regulation for safety drive.

12. Ensure that your indicators, Headlights and brake lights are working before embarking on your journey.

13. Ensure that all lights are off after the journey.

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